Understanding the Limo Etiquette and Courtesy

respectThe limousine service and chauffeurs work hard to provide clients with luxurious vehicles and great rides to various destinations. While a customer’s primary job is to ride, there are a couple of limo etiquette and rules one needs to follow to have a smooth ride. While common sense is the best arbiter of behavior, there are other few things you need to keep in mind while being chauffeured.

Respect to the driver

It goes without saying respect is two way. To be respected, you must first respect yourself. You should not yell at the driver or ask them to do something illegal such as passing in unsafe areas, driving in the wrong lanes or asking them to over-speed. If you have any problems with the driver, and it ‘s hard to sort it out, contact the limo service immediately for directions. The more you agitate the chauffeur, the more difficult it becomes for them to navigate through the traffic.

Keep professional relationship

First and foremost, understand that the relationship between drivers and passengers should be a professional one. Courtesy rules the day at all times. Based on the fact that drivers may engage on some few pleasantries, don’t expect them to engage in extended conversations unless you initiate these conversations.

Dealing with Car Problems

car-issueIf the vehicle you are traveling in has problems, do not hold the driver responsible. Chauffeurs can only drive the car issues and may not be able to determine mechanical issues. While tipping the driver, base your tip on the driver service and not the vehicle. If you feel the driver doesn’t warrant any gratitude, speak directly with the management to explain your concerns. Speaking up your mind opens the room to correct subsequent problems hence better service.

Always tip the driver

The typically recommended tip for your chauffeur is 20 percent of the rental price. Double check with the limo service to see if the tip is already included or not. If you choose not to tip the driver, it is a good practice to let the limo service know why you decided not to tip. Apparently, you are not required to tip for a bad service, but it is a good practice to tip an excellent service.

In case you have a group of friends you are coming with for a night out of fun, control their behavior around the driver. Do not put the driver in an awkward or compromising situation. When the limo service has ended, gather any trash that has accumulated and have it disposed. Leave the vehicle as neat as you first found it.


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