Why It Is Good to Tip a Limousine Driver

tippingSo you rented a limousine service for your event. The big day is approaching, but you are still wondering whether you should tip the limo driver or not. Many people think that tipping a driver the same amount as the waiter is typical, but in some cases that is not true. After all, when tipping is not customary, and you offer one, you may face refusal. On the other hand, when it is customary, and you fail to leave the one you may appear to be the most disgruntled client or worse. To spare you this discomfort, below are some of the guidelines on why you should tip your limousine driver.

Tipping rates

Before paying a limo driver, it is worth finding out if the company has included gratuity in the bill. Typically, if a limo driver did a good job, they should be tipped 15% to 20% of the total bill. However, if the service was poor, the driver should be tipped at around 5%-10% for short trips.

Tipping a limousine driver makes them build real trust with their clients. It acts as a morale booster that makes them perform to their best of their ability when providing services to the customers. Moreover, appreciating a service well accorded makes one feel that you were satisfied by their services.

Good service

Typically, when you recognize people for the type of work they do, they tend to give it their best. Hence, when you want to get a superb service beyond your expectation, you should be able to tip your driver for them to give you an exceptional service.

Giving reviews

tipAdditionally, giving a tip by examining the driver’s performance makes them have a good profile not only with the customers but also with the service provider company. With the presence of online reviews for specific companies, drivers can get a special request to handle a particular event based on the profile they have built on the enterprise. Likewise, it enables other people to gauge the reliability and work performance of a driver. If you had an excellent service, appreciate your driver profusely and endorse them to your buddies.

Factors to consider before giving a tip

Several factors come to play when you want to tip your driver. Amongst them include the driver skills, punctuality and mastery of the location they are going to. Also, they should have proper etiquette. Based on these factors you can be able to reward a driver diligently if they satisfied your needs. Notably, gratitude is an expression of appreciation, hence, if you did not receive a good service you need to tell the company whey you were not happy with service. The review can be used by the companies to improve their service for the people who will come behind you.


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