The Art of Driving in a Stretch Limo

stretch-limoThere is a wonderful air of mystery whenever you see a limo drive past you. Stretch limos are an excellent choice for those looking to combine style and convenience with their transportation. Limos represent elegance, wealth, and luxury allowing their passengers to drive in comfort and style while enjoying amenities such as mini bars and entertainment systems. The hiring of limos is now a popular way to add glamor and glitz to any occasion. Limos present a perfect way to transport your family and friends from one destination to the next. One of the best cars that can offer this luxury is the stretch limo.

The Stretch Limos

Stretch limo typically seats anywhere between 6 and 20 passengers making it an excellent choice for group transport including birthday celebrations, bachelor parties, wedding, proms, and graduations. What makes stretch limo to be a popular luxury transportation is due to the versatility of the options it provides. It offers a couple of entertainment options including bars, plasma TVs and comes in many makes and styles. Some of the most popular stretch limos include the following;

Stretch Lincoln Town Car – The town car is a classic limo that seats anywhere from 6-12 passengers with features seating around a mirrored ceiling. The car emphasizes on comfort with a climate control system with other amenities such as personal bar and fiber optic lighting.

Stretch Limo Chrysler 300 – The Chrysler represents a mirage of style and elegance. The car features expensive options such a stocked bar, digital overhead control panels, LCD TVs and fiber optic lighting.

Stretch SUV H2 Hummer- Hummer is an exotic limo seating up to 14 passengers and providing excellent luxurious transportation for weddings, proms, and corporate events. It features a private bar, lava lamps, strobe lights, plasma TVs among other amenities.

Stretch Cadillac Escalade – The Cadillac is an exotic stretch SUV limo that cadillac-limoallows up to a maximum of 20 passengers to make it a great option for large corporate events. Cadillac limos have amenities that feature climate control systems, stocked bar, DVD/iPod connections and fiber optic lighting. There are many other stretch limos in the market, but these are the most common ones on the market.

Traveling by limos is an incredibly luxurious experience making it a common tick on many bucket lists. Using public transportation means you are restricted on where you can go while on vacation. Hiring a limo means you can travel where you want when you want. With a limo, you can reward everyone with a great way of seeing famous landmarks and other iconic points.

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