How Limousine Industry Has Revolutionalized Chauffeured Transportation

limo-interiorThe transport industry has transformed with the advent of the latest technologies and the limousine industry has not been left behind. Many people are now finding themselves able to splurge on luxury night outs and equally enjoy their special occasions. Back in the days, limo services were quite similar to taxi services. The cars could not afford the comfort they give today and could not hold as many passengers as today’s limos do. Towards the end of 1980’s, the bigger limos and party buses came to the industry making parties better.

Limos are Now Cheaper

A limo is a luxury everyone should experience at least once in their lives. Apart from luxury, limos are now cheap with specialized packages based on season, event and itinerary. Limo companies are now able to offer hassle-free rates by removing fuel and credit card charges to make your ride cheaper. Companies have event coordinators who have years of experience and ready to plan the success of your event.

drinksBy browsing the web, you can find the most affordable limos, chauffeurs and limo service all over the world. You only need to enter search information and get instant price quotes as well as a detailed profile about chauffeurs with previous customer comments. Using web search, you can find information about company reviews and customer ratings. If you strike a balance between the best price with the best ratings, you are sure to get the best offer. Companies have peak discounts and other seasonal promotions that can help make your ride cheaper

Changes in Technology

Running a successful transportation business has never been easy. Advances in technology have revolutionized limo booking and transportation business. Limo companies can now connect with digital customers with passenger mobile apps branded specifically to your business. Those who have websites can turn them into reservation engines using various online reservation systems. Reservation systems help in streamlining business in terms of booking, scheduling, dispatching and reservation management system. Managers can now communicate with drivers and track progress using driver mobile apps.

With the advent of global positioning systems, customers are now able to track their driver’s position and how long it takes to pick a client and drop them off. With this type of technology, bad limo drivers are quickly weeded out. Lateness, unsafe driving, and non-professionalism is a thing of the past. Limo cars are now fitted with the internet connection and charging systems to keep your gadgets powered and connected. There are multi-colored LCD screens, DVD/CD sound systems, mirrored ceilings, fiber optic lighting, ice storage and multiple bar zones all to bring fun closer to you.


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